What is Automorphyc


I like to reflect on transformations. I step outside of those pivotal life moments and inspect them. I re-live and re-process them. I almost savor them. Despite the upheaval, I think that as I’ve evolved, I’ve actually become more cohesive. It’s like I’m discovering something that’s already there, but it stays hidden from me until I can redeem it.

I thought the term ‘automorphism’ was an interesting analogy for this process – it’s a mathematical concept in which an item undergoes a transformation, but retains it’s identity. A good example of an automorphism is the rearrangement of a list of numbers, like {1, 7, 28, 53, 4} into {4, 28, 7, 53, 1}. It’s clear a change has occurred, and yet the core remains.

The title also represents the wonderful and terrible dichotomy of my technical and creative sides. I hope to find some resolution to the chaos through writing and wanted to document the journey. So here we go…

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